The Organizing Sort

At The Organizing Sort, our design philosophy is your relationship with your home should be positive. Not only does your home define you, it affects you! Spaces can inspire us with their beauty, motivate us with their efficiency, or stress us with their chaos and clutter. Our experts will identify the organizing/design problems affecting you negatively and create simple, personalized, and permanent solutions. Our services focus on both organizing and affordable home redesign.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar:

  • Your closets are crammed with clothes no longer worn
  • You can’t wear favorite shoes because the mate has walked away
  • Your dining room table is no longer used for dining
  • Your wall colors deter entrance to rooms rather than welcome it
  • Your rooms are cluttered with toys
  • Your “hodge-podge” furniture lacks comfort, beauty and function
  • Your garage stores everything but your car
  • Your paperwork, bills and mail have no home of their own
  • You’re combining households…some of “your/mine/our” stuff needs to go
  • You or a loved one are in transition and need to downsize
  • It’s 8:00 AM…and you don’t know where your keys are

The Organizing Sort can help restore efficiency and beauty to your home. It is our mission to create homes that function smoothly, please the eye and simplify the lives of all who live there. Give us the opportunity to make the house you live in, the home you love!