The Organizing Sort


Find space you didn’t know you had by removing clutter and creating order.
  • Sorting and purging items (you decide what stays and goes)
  • Finding logical homes for items kept
  • Devising systems that keep you organized
  • Schedule regular “Tune-Ups” for the areas we worked on

Transitioning Households:

Take the stress out of moving, downsizing, combining households. Minimize your home’s market time by maximizing what it offers. After the sale, pack the loved ones and precious memories, and we’ll assist you with the rest!
  • Organizing & Staging Tips for Real Estate Sale
  • Moving-Out - Purging, Organizing & Light Packing
  • Moving-In - Unpacking, Organizing & Furniture Placement Consultation
  • Downsizing or Combining Households – Emptying or Adding to the Nest? Let us help make decisions about what to let go of and what to keep.

Transitioning from Hardship:

  • Recreate home for an aging parent in new surroundings (mother-in-law suites, assisted/full living facility, or smaller, independent residence)
  • Bereavement assistance through respectful handling of a loved one’s belongings
  • Realizing the benefits of parting with belongings after a financial hardship (downsizing, garage/estate sales, consignment and disposal)


Interior design does not have to be expensive. Our motto is your style, your way, within your budget!
  • Space Planning - Design and layout to create efficiency, function and flow
  • Interior Redesign - Works with what you have and love, and builds from there
  • Shopping “Made to Order” - Need help finding just the right piece? We'll shop with or without you, suggestions and options included


Enjoy more space, time and money by purging unnecessary items. Find comfort in knowing these items are now benefiting someone else.
  • Donation Drop-Offs - Non-furniture Items for Local Charities
  • Consignment Drop-Offs - Non-furniture Items for Local Shops
  • Garage Sale Tips
  • Shredding Obsolete Documents

Guest Speaking Opportunities:

Call for more information to schedule a jumpstart workshop on organizational
design topics for your next retreat, club or association meeting.